Automatically Assign Permission Sets to Users via Personas

You can automatically assign custom permission sets to users when they are assigned a persona. You can also assign packaged permission sets to users who are assigned a custom persona. In order to set this up, you must connect the permission set to the persona by creating metadata type records.

To create these custom metadata type records to assign the permission sets to users correctly:

  1. From within Salesforce, select Setup > Develop > Custom Metadata Types. The All Custom Metadata Types screen is displayed.
  2. Click the Manage Records link to the left of the Permission Set Assignments label. The Permission Set Assignments screen is displayed.
  3. Click the New button.
  4. Enter:
    • A name for the metadata type record in the Label field
    • Enter the name of the persona in the Persona Value field
    • Enter the api name of the permission set in the Permission Set Name field (if it is a packaged permission set, make sure to include the package suffix at the beginning "motivis_lrm__"
  5. Click the Save button.


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