Left Hand Navigation Menu Tabs & Their Custom Labels

You can rename the tabs within the left hand navigation menu by overwriting their custom labels. You will also need to reference these custom labels if you are setting up tabs for custom personas (see Showing and Hiding Tabs From the Left Hand Menu). Below is a list of these custom labels for your reference:

Tab Name Custom Label Name
 Stream  UnityHome
Calendar LBL_Calendar
 Discover LBL_Discover 
 Events LBL_Events 
 Groups LBL_Groups 
 Links LBL_Links 
 Messages LBL_Messages 
 News LBL_News 
 Online Catalog  LBL_Nav_Online_Catalog
Program Management LBL_Nav_Program_Management
Resources LBL_Resources
Account Settings LBL_Account_Settings
My Students LBL_Nav_Students
Curriculum Library LBL_Curriculum
Evaluations LBL_Evaluations
Assignments LBL_Nav_Assignments
Courses LBL_Nav_Courses
My Programs LBL_Nav_My_Programs
My Progress LBL_Nav_My_Progress


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