Adding Instructors to Courses

  • Add instructors to courses by creating Academic Plans. Academic Plans establish a relationship between an Academic Offering, and either a student or faculty Contact record. By creating these records you are enrolling students and instructors into courses.

The object leverages Record Types to distinguish between Faculty and Student.

Both Record Types use the Academic Status field as the primary indication of the contact’s relationship to the Offering (Instructing, Enrolled, Dropped, ETC).

Tip: On the Academic Offering detail page, add faculty to the Primary Instructor field, which will automatically add the faculty member to the academic plans on the related tab as an instructor.

If there is more than one faculty member teaching a course, you will need to add them manually:

  1. From within Salesforce, open an Academic Offering record that you would like to enroll the student in.
  2. Click the New Academic Plan button within the Academic Plans related list.


  3. Select the “Educator” record type and click the Continue button.
  4. Enter the instructor's name in the Contact field (use the magnifying glass icon to help search for the instructor).
  5. Set Academic Status to "Instructing".


  6. Optionally:
    • Check the Hide Display checkbox to hide the instructor's profile picture from the course banner.
    • Check the Read Only checkbox to prevent the instructor from adding content to the course. The instructor will only be able to view the assignments/resources added to the course.
    • Check the Disable Feed Pin Post to prevent the instructor from pinning posts in the course feed.
    • Check the Disable Feed Sticky Post field to prevent the instructor from "making posts sticky".
  7. Click the Save button.


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