Schedule Academic Offerings (Creating Class Times)

The Schedule Offering feature provides Academic Administrators with the ability to generate meeting times for existing Academic Offerings. Academic Administrators are able to reference a Campus (Account Record) and an Academic Calendar (Start and End dates) on the Offering, and then use a custom Visualforce page to select meeting days, meeting start times, meeting end times, and if desired, room locations. Motivis Learning will automatically create system records (Academic Offering Schedules and Academic Offering Instances) so that rooms may be booked for one meeting only during any particular block of time for the duration of the Session. In addition, Academic Administrators have visibility into room availability and students may be prevented from registering themselves for Offerings with overlapping time blocks. Records created via the Schedule Offering feature are prerequisite to student use of the Registration Portal.

To schedule an Academic offering:

  1. From within Salesforce, click the Academic Offerings tab. If you do not have an Academic Offerings tab, click the + tab and then click the Academic Offerings link. The Academic Offerings Home page is displayed.
  2. Select the Academic Offering you wish to schedule and on the Offering, click the Schedule Offering button.

  3. The Detail Schedule page is displayed which includes important details related to the Academic Offering. Select a day that the offering will meet from the Day drop-down.
  4. Select a start time using the Start Hour and Start Minute fields.
  5. Select an end time using the End Hour and End Minute fields.
  6. Click the Find Room button after the day, start time, and end time have been selected.
  7. Click the Building drop-down and select a building (only buildings related to the campus referenced in the Offering Location field on the Academic Offering record will display, otherwise all will display). This will present a list of available rooms.
  8. Click the Select button next to the intended room.
  9. Click the Generate Schedule button.


Tip: If the Allow Flexible Scheduling checkbox on the Academic Offering is checked, you can select a start and end date during the session to generate class times between. This will schedule the course on the day of the week selected that takes place between these two dates.


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