Uploading Custom Course Banner

Instructors have the ability to assign photos to the course banner. Out of the box there are six default photos, however Academic Admins have the ability to upload custom photos which instructors can access when assigning a course banner photo. You can upload a custom photo by:

Note: Users must have access to the motivis_lrm.LRMEducatorUploadCoursePhoto visualforce page enabled on their profile or related permission set in order to upload custom course photos.

  1. In Salesforce, click the Academic Offerings tab. If you do not see the Academic Offerings tab, click the + tab and select the Academic Offerings link.
  2. Click the Go button and click on the Academic Offering you wish to upload the custom photo to.
  3. Click on the Upload Course Photo button towards the top of the Academic Offering details.

  4. Click Choose Files button and select an image from your files that you wish to upload.
  5. Click the Upload File button.


Now that your custom photo has been uploaded, instructors will now see your photo as an option when selecting a photo from the library. See Course Banner.


Tip: For best resolution, upload an image with 800px (w) by 100px (h) dimensions.

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