Stream Page

When you log in to Motivis LRM, you land on your Stream page, which provides access to:

  • Alerts—If there are multiple alerts, the most recent alert is displayed when you access your stream. You can scroll through them by clicking the arrows on the left and right sides of the alert box, as well as the circles below the alert. Click the X in the upper right corner of the alert box to close an alert. The next time you access your stream, the alert will display again as long as it is still active.


  • Your Feed—Where you can post to Chatter, view and edit your Chatter posts, view the posts made to you, the posts you bookmarked to refer back to at a later time, and the posts you muted so they no longer show up on your feed. You will also be able to view posts submitted by other community members as long as you are following them.

  • Your upcoming events—Displays your top three events in order of start date based on the events you own, the events you follow, the events in your groups, and your school’s events. Each event displays the event title, date, and time. Click the event title to read the event details. Click the View All button to view all events.



  • Current news stories—Displays the five most recent “featured” stories that are targeted by the school, with the newest at the top. Each news story displays the title of the news item, the date the news item was published, and a short blurb (“teaser”) about the story. Click the title to read more about the story. Click the View All button to view all news stories.

  • Latest tweets—Displays the latest tweets from your school’s Twitter feed. Click on @mentions and links within tweets to be redirected to the correct URL in a new tab.


To learn more, see our walkthrough video below!


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