Community Registration Process

When first logging into the community, the Motivis registration process will guide the user through on-screen steps in order to set up their community profile.

The first step in this process is a customizable welcome message. Here, you will decide whether to begin this process (recommended) or skip these steps. To begin the process, click the Let's Begin button, otherwise click the Skip These Steps link to skip.


You will then fill out  the “About Me” fields to build out your community profile. Fields displayed here are customized by your institution. After you have completed all fields, click the Continue button.


The third step allows you to select what you are interested in. These interests will help surface community content related to your interests such as groups, events, community resources and news items. After you are satisfied with your interests, click the Continue button.

Note: Interests vary amongst institutions.


In the next step you will upload your profile photo and agree to the terms and conditions (language of theses terms and conditions are customized by your institution). To upload your profile photo, click the Upload Photo link and then select the Browse button. After a photo has been selected click the Next button. Select the dimensions of your profile photo by clicking and dragging within the photo and click the Save button. Click the Done button and then the I Accept button (agreeing to your institutions terms and conditions).



Finally, when the registration process is complete, students will land on their homepage while instructors are brought to their stream.

Tip: While going through the registration process, click the tabs on the left side of the screen to quickly navigate back and forth between registration steps.

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