Changing Assignment Due Dates

When initially assigning assignments, instructors decide whether to assign a due date or allow students the option to set their own. After assignments have been assigned, you may wish to change these due dates. You can change the due date by:

  1. Open the Assignments tab of the course page.
  2. Within the assignment you wish to change, click the Due Date link. This will open a pop-up window allowing you to change the due date.


  3. Click within the Date field in order to select a new date. Alternatively, select the Student selects due date radio button if you wish to allow student to set their own due date (if this is checked, skip to step 5).

  4. Select a new date within the calendar displayed. Optionally, check the Students may change due date checkbox if you'd like the due date to act as a suggestion (allowing students to change this date if they wish).
  5. When you are satisfied with you due date, click the Update button.

Tip: If there was no due date originally assigned, Not Set will display within the Due Date field. This will not prevent you from assigning a due date, and the above steps can be followed in order to set one.

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