Removing Competencies from the Competency Library


A note regarding removing competencies:

Motivis Learning only recommends deleting competencies that are not tied to assignments. Additionally no competency should be removed that is tied to an assignment that has been assigned to a learner. If this is the case please reach out to Motivis support for assistance. Removing these competencies will cause errors or unexpected behaviors for instructors and learners.

Locate the Competency Tab

Locate the Competency Tab either from a pre-built App:

 Or select the “All Tabs” option


And Locate Competencies from the list of available tabs for your user profile:


Find the Competency You’d Like to Remove

From the Competency tab, select a list view that either shows all competencies or a custom list view developed by yourself or a system administrator to find the competency you’d like to delete.


Once Located, select the competency name of the competency you’d like to delete:


For information to develop list views, visit the help site for articles or check this one out here:


Locate Related Records

Once you’ve navigated to the correct record, you’ll want to clear out the related data to the competency, this includes the Performance Indicators (which can be viewed on the related list on the competency:


And the Criteria: (Which Can be found on a related list on Each Performance Indicator Record)


 To delete these records either select Delete from the related list:


Or Select The delete button on the record:


If you don’t see a delete button, it means your profile isn’t enabled for deletion of these records, and you should reach out to your system administrator, or Motivis support for assistance.


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