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How does a Group work?

Groups are the one area that offers the biggest difference between Motivis Learning Community and the out-of-the-box Salesforce Communities. Motivis Learning Community provides a Group Manager Feed, Group Events and Group Activity Metrics.  Users can easily see how many members are in the group and how many have joined over the last week or month.  Statistics on the total number of posts, new posts for the week and month are also readily available.

Motivis Learning Community provides Group owners and managers with their own feed, a Manager Feed, within their Group that is private from the Group Feed. With out-of-the-box Communities, a manager would have to create a Group then create a second private Group just for the Managers/Leaders. This enhancement has been needed as part of Chatter for years and Motivis Learning Community solves the problem all Communities users have faced. 

Finding a Group

To access the Groups page, click on Groups link on the Menu bar.

There are three tabs on the Groups page:

  1. All Groups tab - Click this tab to display a list of all groups that are available for you to join. There are 3 types of groups:
    1. Public: anyone can join a public group
    2. Private and Discoverable - you must request to join the group.  Owners and Managers of the Group accept or deny your request.
    3. Private and Undiscoverable - these groups will not come up on the All Groups page or by searching.  You must be invited to join the group by either the Group Owner or a Manager.
  2. My Groups tab - Click this tab to display a list of all groups that you are a member of.
  3. Recommended Groups tab - Click this tab to display a list of all groups that have been recommended to you based upon your interests. 

Group Picture File Error

If you receive the following error: ERR_Group_Picture_FileError

 You have exceeded the file size of 8mb or used the incorrect file type. Please revise your image.

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