Learning Salesforce (Academic Admin)

The Motivis Learning LRM is an application that utilizes the power of Salesforce Communities. In order to set up and manage your community, Academic Admins will require proficient knowledge with the Salesforce platform as this is where you will be spending most of your time working with the LRM. It is within native Salesforce where you will be setting up your courses, enrolling students, creating programs, and scheduling courses. In order to hone your Salesforce skills, we find Salesforce Trailhead to be a very valuable resource.

Salesforce Trailhead is a fun and simple way to learn all about the platform. Through the trails and modules provided, you will be able to learn not only about specific areas, but develop a paths of knowledge that line with specific Salesforce roles.

We highly recommend exploring the Admin Beginner trail. This will provide you with all the basic modules and lessons to prepare you for a role as an Academic Admin. If you'd like to view specific modules, please see the below:

The above will give you a wealth of knowledge needed to navigate and use Salesforce. If you wish to venture into something more advanced, check out the Developer Beginner and Admin Advanced trails!

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