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The Resources tab is a place where files and links can be stored and viewed by all members of the community. These resources are not related to assignments, but serve as more of a self service resource that community members can utilize. Resources can be organized by a broad categorization, so content can be personalized to members and is discoverable as part of the Search function. Any file type can be uploaded here, however there is a file size limit of 25 mb.

Note: While anyone in the community can view resources, only community super users are eligible to create resources. These permissions are determined by your institution.

To create a community resource:

  1. Click the Resources link.
  2. On the Resources page, click the Create button.
  3. Choose a title for your resource and enter it into the Resource Title field.
  4. Select a status in the Status picklist. Resources set to "inactive" will not display to users.
  5. Enter a short description of the resource in the Description box.
  6. Check the Quick Link checkbox if you wish to add the resource as a quick link. Quick links will display in the navigation under the Links tab. Resources must a be a link type if they are to be saved as quick links.


  7. Select a resource type in the Resource picklist. Enter a link or upload a file depending on the type you selected.
  8. Select a location in the Library field where you would like to store the resource.
  9. Select and tags you wish to add in the Tags field.
  10. Click the Submit button.


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