Quizzing (Learnosity) Enhancements

The purpose of this enhancement is to provide some additional functionality to the Learnosity quizzing feature. Highlights of this feature include:

Creating Timed Quizzes

  • On the Assignment Edit/Create page, there is now the option to enable a required time to complete a quiz.
  • Quiz duration can be set in hours and/or minutes (between 1 and 23 hours, and between 1 and 59 minutes).
  • There is an option for instructors to force a submission after the time expires.
  • There is an option to show the student a warning 60 seconds before the time expires.
  • Timed quiz information will be provided on the Assignment Details page for both students and instructors.

Allowing for Multiple Quiz Attempts

  • For each quiz assignment, instructors have the ability to set the number of attempts. Options are:
    • Setting a certain number of attempts
    • Setting an unlimited number of attempts
  • Instructors also have the ability to set the grade mode for a quiz assignment that allows for multiple attempts. This is the grade that will appear in progress reports and on the My Progress page. Options are:
    • Save the highest grade
    • Save the most recent grade
  • Once a quiz is assigned, instructors are not able to change the above settings, but they can change the number of attempts (if a certain number has been set) to allow for additional attempts if needed.
  • Students can view their attempt details on the quiz’s Assignment Details page.
  • Instructors can view student attempt details on the quiz’s Assignment Evaluation page.

Update to Pending-Evaluation Messaging for Quizzes with Essay Questions

  • The purpose of this enhancement is to prevent student confusion when a quiz attempt is pending evaluation because it includes a question that requires manual grading.
  • With this enhancement, prior to the evaluation of a quiz with essay questions, no assignment progress details will be provided (total points earned/percent points earned).
  • Prior to evaluation, the message in the Submission History space will be “Your quiz attempt is pending a final score. You will receive a notification once your score is ready to view.”
  • Once the quiz has been evaluated, evaluation details will be displayed for that attempt.

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