Creating a Submission Assignment

To create a new Submission assignment and add it to the Assignment Library:

Click the Add New button from within the Assignment Library and then select "New Submission Assignment" which will take you to the New Assignment screen.


From the New Assignment screen, add the following assignment information:

  • Assignment Title
  • Description
  • Evaluation Guide URL (if enabled)
  • Resources
  • Performance Measures
  • Authoring Status

Adding an Assignment Title

Add a relevant and searchable assignment title. This is how the assignment will appear in the Assignment Library.

Note: The assignment title cannot be more than 255 characters. (Your school may want to organize assignments by course name or number so you can find them easily later.)

Note: If an assignment title is not entered, the system will automatically generate one with the date and user’s name.

Adding an Assignment Description

Add a description of the assignment. You can include formatting, hyperlinks, and images using this text editor, or add additional documents and links as resources from the Resource Library.

Note: The description cannot be more than 32,000 characters.

Adding an Evaluation Guide URL

A school can provide a URL for an Evaluation Guide. Enter the URL in the Enter URL field in the Evaluation Guide section. If enabled, the link to the Evaluation Guide is displayed to you when viewing the assignment Detail page, the assignment Preview page, and the Evaluation page for a student submission.

Note: A system administrator must enable this feature.

Adding Assignment Resources

To add resources to an assignment:

  1. Click the Add from Library button within the Resources section.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Input a URL in the Enter URL field and click the Add button.
    • Click the Choose Files button to upload a local file.
    • Click the Add button next to any of the existing resources within the Resource Library.

Selected resources are added to the right side of the screen.

  1. Click the Save button.


Adding Performance Measures

Select an evaluation method from the Evaluation Method drop-down in the Performance Measures section to begin adding performance measures.

Competency Based

Add competencies, performance indicators, and criteria to the assignment. These should already be in your Competency Library. Assignments must have performance measures to be tied to a course.

Essentially, this is how you are building the rubric for the assignment. This rubric will not only act as a structure for students to follow, but will ensure to you that learning has taken place based upon satisfactory completion of each competency, performance indicator, and criteria.

To add performance measures:

  1. Click the Add from Library button within the Performance Measures section.
  2. Select a competency. When you select a competency, related performance indicators are displayed and you are prompted to select some or all criteria for a given performance indicator using the Add or Add All buttons. As you select performance measures, the right-hand side of the screen will show the competencies, performance indicators, and criteria you selected.
  3. To view descriptors for each criterion, click the down arrowto the left of a criterion.

You can remove a competency, performance indicator, or criterion from an assignment by clicking the X to the right of an item. This removes the link to the assignment.

Note: You must add performance measures if you want to publish the assignment; otherwise, you can only save the assignment as a draft.

Tip: Because you must select from existing competencies and performance indicators in the Competency Library, the best practice is to think through your curriculum in advance.

Point Based

Enter the total amount of points a student can possibly receive from completing the assignment in the Points Possible field.


Publishing the Assignment

From the Publish section on the right side of the New Assignment or Edit Assignment screen, choose between “Draft” and “Published” in the Status drop-down. Once the assignment is published, it can be connected to a course and assigned to students.


Make sure you click the Save button to save any changes you made to the assignment.

Note: Linked resources and performance measures are saved to the assignment regardless of whether the Save button is clicked.

See Building Out the Assignment Library to learn more about building assignments and creating other assignment types!

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