Creating Events



As a member of the Community, you have the ability to create community events.

To create an event:

  1. From the Events page, click the Create button. An edit page will display.


  2. Choose a name for the even and enter the name in the Name field.
  3. Decide whether you wish the event to be public by utilizing the Public checkbox.

    Note: Setting an event to public allows all members of the community to follow the event from the Events page.

    Caution: Events that are not public will only display on the Events tab of the related Group page. Remember to select a group in the Group field if the event is not public. Only members of this group will be able to follow the event.


  4. Select a Start and End time for your event.
  5. Enter a description in the Description text box explaining what the even entails.
  6. Choose to add the event to any relevant groups and tags.
  7. Enter location and contact information in the respective sections.
  8. Click the Save button.

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