Course Progress (Point Based)

When you select a course from the Courses drop-down menu, the Home tab is displayed by default. If the course is a point based course, you can view your progress by clicking the Progress tab.


From the Progress tab, you can view the progress you have made towards the course as a whole at the top of the page. This includes high level details including number of completed assignments, points earned/attempted/possible, and your pending and completed averages.


On the Progress tab, there are two averages that are calculated:

  • Pending Average - Displays how many points you have earned divided by how many points you have attempted. Only assignments you have attempted are included in this calculation.
  • Completed Average - Displays how many points you have earned divided by the total number of points possible. All assignments are included in the calculation regardless if you have attempted an assignment or not. 

Below your overall course progress is the list of assignments used to determine your overall progress.


This list of assignments displays high level details about each assignment including assignment types, dates, averages, attempts, and statuses. Filter these assignments based on status by utilizing the filter box at the top of the list.

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