Within the Gradebook tab of the Course page you can view student progress in point based courses (only students who are enrolled in the course or have completed the course are displayed). Gradebook displays students' scores for each assignment and allows you to easily evaluate assignments. Assignments that ready for evaluation will display a Evaluate link within the corresponding cell. Clicking the Evaluate link will open the Assignment details page allowing you to evaluate the assignment.


You can filter the Gradebook by utilizing the Keyword Search box or filter assignment type by using the Filter picklist. You can also sort the Gradebook by clicking on column headers.

Click the Export As CSV button to export the gradebook into a .csv excel file. Click the Screenshot_at_Feb_05_09-58-37.png button to create and use weighted grade categories (see Weighting Assignments).

Gradebook also allows you to override student scores for any assignments that have already been evaluated. To do so:

  1. Click the student's score.
  2. Check the Override Grade checkbox.
  3. Enter a new grade in the Enter Grade field.
  4. Click the Update button.


Any grades which are overriding a previous score will display in brackets (ex. [9]). You can revert these grades by clicking the student's score and clicking the Undo Overridden Grade link and clicking the Save button.

Note: You can only override grades if you have been provided the permission to do so. Contact your academic administrator to request the override grade permission.




Be sure to check out our walkthrough video below.


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