How to Submit a Quiz

When you are working with a quiz assignment, you can submit the quiz from the Assignment Details page by clicking the Take Quiz button in the Submission History section.


This will open the first question in the quiz. From here you can begin entering answers for each question. Click the Next and Back Arrow buttons to navigate to the next and previous question. Questions may consist of multiple choice, fill in the blanks, match & order, and written & spoken type questions.


Click the Screenshot_at_Feb_02_19-19-29.png icon at any time to review your attempted and unattempted questions. Click the Screenshot_at_Feb_02_19-21-04.pngicon to flag a question to indicate that you need to return to the question when reviewing your answers. Click the Screenshot_at_Feb_02_19-23-40.png icon to save your work if you wish to save your work and return to the quiz at a later time.


When you are satisfied with your answers, click the Review button on the last question or Screenshot_at_Feb_02_19-19-29.png icon to open the review page. Click the Finish button and click Yes to submit the quiz. Continue to click the Close buttons to close the assignment and return to the Assignment Details page. Your results will be displayed in the Assignment Progress section if the quiz did not consist of any written & spoken questions. If the quiz did consist of written & spoken questions, your score will be posted when your instructor has evaluated your assignment.


Check out our walkthrough video below!



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