Weighting Assignments

Point based courses provide a system to weight assignment scores based on categorization of assignments. To begin setting this up you must first enable weighted grade categories:

  1. Open the Gradebook tab of a the course.
  2. Click the Screenshot_at_Feb_05_09-58-37.png button.
  3. Mark the Yes radio button.


Click the Add Weighted Category and click the Select Category picklist. Select the Create New Category... link to create a new category (you may also choose to add any existing categories by clicking the category name). Enter a name for the category and click the Create button. Enter a value in the % field to indicate what percentage of a student's overall grade the category is worth.



Continue to add categories by clicking Add Weighted Category link. After, all categories have been created and the total percentage of for the course equals 100%, click the Save button.


After a weighted assignment score system has been added to the course, it is time to add assignments to each category. On the Gradebook page, use the picklist fields in the assignment column headers to add an assignment to a weighted grade category.



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