Sample Themes and Tags

The following table lists the sample themes that you can import.


Community Theme Name Theme Type Theme Unique ID
Club/Group Interest Club/Group
Study Area Interest Study Area
Career Interest Interest Career Interest
University-Wide System University-Wide
College Interest College
Career Resources Resource Career Resources
Academics Resource Academics
Orientation Resource Orientation



The following table lists the sample tags that you can import.


Community Tag Name Tag-Theme UniqueID Theme Unique ID
Academic Advising Academic Advising-Academics Academics
Degree Progress Degree Progress-Academics Academics
Graduation Requirements Graduation Requirements-Academics Academics
Forms Forms-Academics Academics
Tutoring Tutoring-Academics Academics
Volunteer Service Volunteer Service-Career Interest Career Interest
Undecided Undecided-Career Interest Career Interest
Business / Government / Non-Profit Business / Government / Non-Profit-Career Interest Career Interest
Research Research-Career Interest Career Interest
Education Education-Career Interest Career Interest
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship-Career Interest Career Interest
Law Law-Career Interest Career Interest
Military Military-Career Interest Career Interest
Healthcare Healthcare-Career Interest Career Interest
Entertainment (actor, singer, artist) Entertainment (actor, singer, artist)-Career Interest Career Interest
Career Fairs Career Fairs-Career Resources Career Resources
Assessment Tools Assessment Tools-Career Resources Career Resources
Explore Explore-Career Resources Career Resources
Resumes & Cover Letters Resumes & Cover Letters-Career Resources Career Resources
Job Boards Job Boards-Career Resources Career Resources
Libraries & Databases Libraries & Databases-Career Resources Career Resources
Football Football-Club/Group Club/Group
Chess Chess-Club/Group Club/Group
Math Math-Club/Group Club/Group
Fraternities/Sororities Fraternities/Sororities-Club/Group Club/Group
Sports Sports-Club/Group Club/Group
Professional Professional-Club/Group Club/Group
Community Community-Club/Group Club/Group
Cultural / Regional Cultural / Regional-Club/Group Club/Group
Non-Profit / Social Enterprise Non-Profit / Social Enterprise-Club/Group Club/Group
Student Government Student Government-Club/Group Club/Group
Diversity Diversity-Club/Group Club/Group
Transfer Students Transfer Students-Club/Group Club/Group
Agriculture & Life Sciences Agriculture & Life Sciences-College College
Architecture, Art & Planning Architecture, Art & Planning-College College
Arts & Sciences Arts & Sciences-College College
Engineering Engineering-College College
Hotel Administration Hotel Administration-College College
Human Ecology Human Ecology-College College
Industrial & Labor Relations Industrial & Labor Relations-College College
Computing & Information Science Computing & Information Science-College College
Veterinary School Veterinary School-College College
Medical School Medical School-College College
Law School Law School-College College
The Community University Experience The Community University Experience-Orientation Orientation
Orientation Resources Orientation Resources-Orientation Orientation
Course Registration Course Registration-Orientation Orientation
Engineering Engineering-Study Area Study Area
Political Science Political Science-Study Area Study Area
Mathematics Mathematics-Study Area Study Area
Economics Economics-Study Area Study Area
Computer Science Computer Science-Study Area Study Area
Chemistry Chemistry-Study Area Study Area
Hospitality Hospitality-Study Area Study Area
Biology Biology-Study Area Study Area
Life Sciences Life Sciences-Study Area Study Area
Business/Economics Business/Economics-Study Area Study Area
Fine Arts Fine Arts-Study Area Study Area
Health (pre-med, pre-vet) Health (pre-med, pre-vet)-Study Area Study Area
Agriculture and Environment Agriculture and Environment-Study Area Study Area
Education Education-Study Area Study Area
Interdisciplinary Studies Interdisciplinary Studies-Study Area Study Area
Social Sciences Social Sciences-Study Area Study Area
Communications Communications-Study Area Study Area
2018 2015-University-Wide University-Wide
2019 2016-University-Wide University-Wide
2020 2017-University-Wide University-Wide
2021 2018-University-Wide University-Wide
New Student New Student-University-Wide University-Wide
Graduate Student Graduate Student-University-Wide University-Wide
Exchange / Visiting Student Exchange / Visiting Student-University-Wide University-Wide
Executive Executive-University-Wide University-Wide
Continuing Education Continuing Education-University-Wide University-Wide

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