Student Homepage/Notifications V2

Epic: Student Homepage/Notifications V2
Setup Notes:
+Upgrades+ Add new Notification Type value: # Go to Setup > Objects > Community Push Notification # Go to Type field # Add picklist value: Assignment Resubmitted Data Setup * Perform a data update on all existing Community_Push_Notification records to populate the Group field with the value: 'Social' ** Only do this on records where Group is BLANK. Do not update other notification types with this value. ** Necessary for upgrades only Stories:
  • LRM-3541 -- Notifications Updates
    • LRM-1685 -- Group notifications by date headers
    • LRM-2615 -- Filter notifications
    • LRM-2871 -- Generate a notification for a student once an assignment has been resubmitted
    • LRM-2552 -- for filtering notifications by type on home page
    • LRM-2629 -- Display Alerts on the Student Homepage
    • LRM-3141 -- Remove Student Notifications for Unpublished/Deleted Assignments

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