Course Modules



Course modules ​provide ​instructors ​and ​curriculum ​designers ​a ​way ​to batch ​and ​organize ​assignments ​and ​resources ​within ​a ​course. ​The instructor ​or ​curriculum ​designer ​can ​create ​a ​module ​folder, ​name ​it, ​and then ​add ​course related items which remain grouped together. These items include:

  • ​Discussion ​assignments ​
  • Submission ​assignments
  • Quiz assignments
  • Text Blocks
  • Resources ​

Instructors can also set prerequisites which prevent students from working on a module until they have completed another specified module.

When ​the ​module ​is ​complete, the ​instructor ​can ​publish ​the ​module, ​which ​includes ​all ​of ​its ​content, ​to specific ​students ​within ​the ​course, ​like ​they ​can ​with ​individual ​assignments, and ​delete ​or ​unpublish ​modules ​as ​needed. ​The ​feature ​also ​handles ​how the ​items ​within ​a ​module ​are ​organized, ​and ​when ​a ​module ​should ​move to ​the ​"Completed ​Assignments" ​section, ​for ​both ​instructors ​and ​students. Additional ​module ​features ​include:

  • Filtering ​and ​sorting ​students ​capability
  • Specifying ​why ​some ​students ​are ​unavailable ​to ​remove ​from ​a published ​module
  • Blocking ​instructors ​from ​giving ​a ​student ​the ​same ​assignment ​twice
  • Adding ​available ​date ​ranges ​for ​an ​entire ​module




Creating Course Modules

  1.  From the Assignments tab of a Course page, click the Add drop-down and select "Add Module".
  2. Enter a name for the Module in the Name field.
  3. Click the Prerequisite drop-down and select a module that students are required to complete (if any) prior to beginning the new module you are creating.
  4. Click the Add drop-down within the Module to add a text blocks, assignments and resources from the library, or to create new assignments.
  5. After all desired content is added to the module, click the Assign button which assigns the module and content to your students. This will then display the module and content to your students.


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