Creating Student Term Registrations

The Student Term Registration record is the Parent record to the Academic Plan record. This record tracks information about the student's progress in any given term and provides registration restrictions within the Academic Calendar (Term) that the record is assigned to. Student Term Registration records represent a relationship between a student Contact record and an Academic Calendar record. This essentially means "the student is registered in this term". Student Term Registration records are then referenced on individual Academic Plan records: "This student is registered for this class in this term."

Academic Administrators should create a Student Term Registration record for each Term the student is enrolled in a Program and Academic Offering. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the student's Contact page.
  2. Within the Student Term Registrations related list, click the New Student Term Registration button.
  3. Populate all reference lookup fields, as well as the Status value:
    • Student (Reference - Contact)
    • Term Academic Calendar Term (Reference to Academic Calendar - Term Record Type)
    • Campus (Reference)
    • Program (Reference - use Program with Version Record Type)
    • Status - Active (recommended value)

The Additional Information and Academic Plan KPI sections can remain unpopulated.

The Display on Print Transcript and Also on Transcript... sections are populated via cross object formulas or automatic rollups from related Academic Plan records.


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