Grade Value

Grade values are the individual grades that are part of a grade mode. The following are configured on a grade value record:

  • Grade Value Name (actual grade displayed)
  • Grade Mode (grouping that grade value is attached to)
  • Numeric value (used in GPA calculations if GPA calculations are employed)
  • Show in Portal (whether it will be shown in Academic History or not)
  • Show on Transcripts
  • Term GPA (whether it will be used in Term level calculations)
  • Overall GPA (whether it will be used in all calculations of the same program level)
  • Include in attempted (if the credits will be in attempted calculations)
  • Include earned (if the credits will be in earned calculations)
  • Display order (hierarchy order for a future release) 



If alternative grades (open text) are preferred, edit the Use Alt Grade checkbox to check and populate the Alt Pending Grade and Alt Final Grade fields instead of the Pending Grade Value and Final Grade Value fields.

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