Grade Mode

A grade mode is a grouping of grade value choices that a pending or final grade may be selected from. Having a grade mode allows for a fixed set of grade values, which ensures data integrity and that only legitimate grade values are given as a final grade to students.

Each course version can have multiple grade modes available, a single grade mode, or no grade modes.

General guidelines on Course versions:

  • Leave the related list blank if no enforcement is required. This would be the case if free form text descriptions were used instead of pre-set grade values. 
  • Choose only one grade mode if only that set of grade values can be chosen from. 
  • Choose all grade modes that an Academic Offering could use. An example of this would be to have a traditional grade mode with letter grade values and a pass/fail grade mode with P and F grade values.  
  • If one or more grade modes are on the Course Grade Mode related list of a Course version, any Academic Offering created from that Course version will require a Default Grade mode from that list. Therefore, if a Course version has a "UG letter grade" grade mode and a "Pass/Fail" grade mode, the Academic Offering must have either one of those two choices populated in the Default Grade Mode field.

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