Registering for Courses


Registering for courses is simple. Simply browse through the courses in the Course Offerings section of the Registration page. When you find a course you want to take, click the + button in the Add column next to the course. The course is added to the My Courses section. 


You can continue adding additional courses. Once you have added all of the courses you want to register for, select the By checking this box… checkbox and click the Submit for Approval button. Your registration request for the term is submitted to your school for approval. Your school will approve your registration and enroll you for the selected courses.

Course Description and Pre-Requisites

If you want to see additional information about a course, click the Course Title link. A popup window displays the course description and any pre-requisites required for you to enroll within the course.


Keyword Searching and Filtering

You can search for and filter courses based on:

  • Course title—Enter text in the Filter by course title field. Matching results display as you type.


  • Dates, Course Type, Day—Click the Filter down arrow and then select the criteria you want to filter on from the drop-down list. As you select criteria, courses that match are displayed.


Error Messages

When you add a course, depending on how your Registration Portal is configured, you may receive an error message if any of the following conditions occur:

  • The course does not meet at your home campus during the selected term. You will only receive an error message if you are limited to courses offered at your home campus.

  • The course has meeting times that conflict with another course you have already selected or are already registered for. You will only receive an error message if you do not have permission to register for courses with conflicting meeting times. You can click the View Flex Schedule link for a course you are considering registering for to see if there are any date and time conflicts with other courses.

If conflicts exist, the following dialog box is displayed:


If no conflicts exist, the following dialog box is displayed:


  • The course is full; no additional seats are available.

Note: Depending on how your portal is configured, you may be able to view enrollment information for each course in the Course Offerings section to help with your course registration.

Tip: If waitlisting is allowed at your school, you may be able to select a course that is full and be placed on the waitlist in case a seat opens in the future.

  • You are attempting to register for more credits than allowed for the term. You will receive this error message if:
    • There is a maximum number of credits you can register for for the term.

    • The course you attempt to register for increases your total term credits to a number greater than what you are allowed. The credit counter in the My Courses section shows how many credits you are currently registered for out of the maximum allowable amount.
  • You are attempting to register for less than the minimum amount of credits allowed. You will receive this error message if:
    • There is a minimum number of credits you must register for.

    • The course you attempt to register for has less than the minimum credits allowed.

There may also be times when you are placed on a registration hold, barring you from registering for new courses until the hold is lifted. If you access the Registration page while on registration hold, the following message is displayed:



You can see the status of each of your course requests in the Status column of your My Courses section. Possible statuses are:

  • Pending—You added a course to your My Courses section, but have not yet submitted the course for approval (have not clicked the Submit for Approval button).

  • Submitted—You added a course to your My Courses section and submitted it for approval (clicked the Submit for Approval button).

  • Registered—You are signed up for a course and it is being processed appropriately.

  • Enrolled—You are signed up to take the course in the selected term and will be able to actively do work in the course once it has started.

  • Waitlisted—You added a course that does not have any open seats, but has a waitlist. You can choose to be added to the waitlist, and will be notified if a seat opens up for you. If waitlisting is not allowed for this course, you are not able to register for the course. 


Also see Dropping Courses.

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