Credentials represent the Degree Level and are used when generating transcripts. If a student has more than one credential record, a user trying to print the student’s transcript must select from the credential levels 1, 2, 3 (first grade, second grade, third grade), UG (Undergraduate), and so on. A credential is created for each program a student is taking.

There is a program level on program and a course level on course with the same values available. All levels are governed by a global picklist. For instance, when a credential level of UG is chosen, the transcript will display all courses the student has taken with a UG course level on the transcript.

To create a Student Program record:

  1. From the Student Program record you wish to add a Credential to, click the New Credential button in the Credentials related list. The New Credential page is displayed.

  2. Populate the Student field with the student you are enrolling in the program.
  3. Populate the Program field with the Program the student is enrolling.
  4. Click the Save button.

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