Competency Progress


Competencies are made up of building blocks called performance indicators, which are made up of criteria. When evaluating your work, instructors look at the specific criteria for each performance indicator.


All of your assignments have performance indicators related to them. As you complete the assignments, you work towards completing the performance indicators for each competency.

You can access the Competencies page by clicking the Competencies tab after clicking the My Progress link. The Competencies tab displays:

  • A horizontal progress bar, indicating the percentage of completed competencies in the current program.

  • A competency tile for each competency you are assigned to. A colored ribbon designates competencies you have completed; a gray ribbon designates competencies you are still working on. Each tile displays the number of completed performance indicators out of the total number of performance indicators.


Click the down arrow to the right of a competency to view:

  • Performance indicators associated with the competency.

  • Completed performance indicators (denoted with a colored star).

  • Assignments associated with a performance indicator. Click a performance indicator to see the list of assignments associated with that performance indicator. Clicking an assignment displays the assignment details.




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