Course Competency Progress

From the Progress tab on the Course page you can view the competencies addressed within a given course, as well as your progress within each competency by individual performance indicators.


For each competency associated with a course, you can see the number of performance indicators mastered out of the total number of performance indicators. You can click the down arrow next to a competency to view the following information:

Each related performance indicator statement, along with a status:

  • Mastery—You have achieved a “pivotal” level for the performance indicator.
  • In Progress—You have submitted work for at least one course assignment that targets the performance indicator, but have not achieved a “pivotal” level.
  • Inactive—You have not submitted work for any course assignment that targets the performance indicator.

Your proficiency level for each performance indicator.

  • This information is set when your instructor evaluates your submissions.
  • Performance Levels differ amongst institutions.

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