Course Assignments

From the Assignments tab within a course, you can view a list of assignments and modules for the course and a list of completed or closed assignments for the course, along with the following information for each assignment (complete or incomplete):

  • Assignment type (Submission, Discussion, Quiz, Observation, or eLearning). Submission assignments are identified by the submission icon Submission.svg; Discussion assignments by discussion icon Group-Submission.svg; Quiz assignments by quiz icon Quiz.svg; Observation assignments by observation icon Observation.jpg; eLearning activities by eLearing icon eLearning.jpg.

  • Status: The current assignment status.

  • Available dates: The dates the assignment is available for you to work on it.

  • Assignment Due Date: The date the assignment is due, if one has been assigned.

    • Either set by you or your instructor.

    • If the due date has not been assigned, “Set One Now” is displayed.


Due Dates Calendar

The expanded Due Dates calendar on the right side of the Assignments tab provides you with an overview of your upcoming assignments for the selected course. You can access the calendar by clicking the View Due Date Calendar button on the Assignments tab.


If an instructor has given you permission to set assignment due dates, you can do so by dragging an assignment from the left column onto a date on the calendar and then saving your changes.


Note: This view shows you the assignments for the selected course; not all courses you are enrolled in.

Tip: Anywhere in the LRM where the assignment is hyperlinked, you can click on it to see assignment details or to submit work.

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