Receiving Discussion Assignment Evaluations

For a discussion-type assignment, you may be evaluated on your participation in the discussion, the quality and frequency of your own posts, as well as your comments to the posts of others.

To view your evaluation, click the Discussions tab on the Assignments page and then click the assignment you want to view. For competency based assignments, scroll down to the Evaluation Criteria section. Clicking on a criterion will expand it to display all proficiency levels, so you can see which level your instructor selected. If you have reached a proficient level, the dot next to the criterion and level will be a primary color; otherwise, the dot will be gray. On point based assignments, you'll be able to view your score in the Assignment Progress section.

To view any private comments your instructor has provided for this assignment, click the Feed tab.

Unlike a submission assignment in which you receive an evaluation only after submitting work, your instructor will decide when to evaluate your discussion participation. Your instructor may provide one or many evaluations while the discussion is open.

Be sure to check out Receiving Assignment Evaluations.

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