Courses Overview

As an instructor, you will find all courses to which you are assigned by clicking the Courses tab in the left hand menu.


The Courses page displays all courses that you are enrolled in in the Active section and all courses you have completed in the Completed section.


Click the View button below a course to view the Course Details page where you can:

  • View and interact with students via the home feed.
  • View a roster of students enrolled in the course.
  • View and link assignments to the course, and assign those assignments to students.
  • View a progress report for students enrolled in the course (for competency based courses).
  • View a gradebook for students enrolled in the course (for point based courses).
  • View and assign competencies and performance indicators to the course (for competency based courses).

See our course overview video which includes how to access a course, view course assignments, view the course roster, add assignments to students, and view student progress!


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