Working with Due Dates as a Student

All assignments have due dates. There are two options for setting an assignment due date:

1. The instructor sets the due date.

If your instructor has set the assignment due date, you will see the date here:


If your instructor has allowed you to change the due date, you can click the date and select a new due date from the calendar.

Tip: If an assignment due date passes, you can still view the assignment, as well as message your instructor via the Feed tab.

2. You set your due date.

If your instructor has given you permission to set your own assignment due date but you haven’t set it yet, “Not Set” displays:


To set an assignment due date:

  1. Click “Not Set”.
  2. Select a date from the calendar.


3. Click the Save button.

To view all assignment due dates:

You can view and set assignment due dates for each course from the Courses link in the left-hand navigation menu. For more information, refer to the Course Assignments article.

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