Personal Information

From your Profile picture in the left-hand navigation menu you can:

  • Access your Profile page (via the My Profile link) to view your profile picture and role, feed, personal information, a list of people who are following you and who you are following, and any posts you have bookmarked.


  • Access your My Account page (via the Personal Information link) to view personal information, professional data, and affiliated organizations, as well as upload or change your profile picture. You can edit some of the information on this page by clicking the Edit button


  • View your academic history (via the Academic History link). For more information, refer to the Academic History
  • View your account settings, which includes general, notifications, digest, and interests settings (via the Account Settings link).

  • Depending on how your system is configured, either access the Help Center to view and submit cases or access your school’s own Support/FAQ page (via the Help link). If you do not see a Help link, your system is not configured to use help.

  • Log out of the Motivis Platform (via the Sign Out link).

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