Submitting Assignments

When you are working with a submission assignment, you can submit an assignment from the Assignment Details page by:

  • Clicking the Submit Assignment button in the Submission History section.
  • Clicking the Submit Assignment tab.


Both of these options open the Upload Assignment window.


In the Upload Assignment window, you can:

  • Confirm the name of the assignment for which you are submitting work.
  • Select files to upload for submission (e.g., Word doc).
  • Add a link to include with the submission (e.g., Google Doc).
  • Add a comment for your instructor.
  • Confirm that the submitted work is your own. You cannot submit work until you select the This work is indeed my own checkbox.
  • Click the Submit button to submit your work.

Note: Be sure you have carefully reviewed the work you are submitting before you submit. Once submitted, you cannot edit the submission.

The following file formats are recommended when uploading a file for assignment submission:

File Type Recommended File Formats
Document .doc, .pdf, .xls, .img, .pptx
Audio .aud
Video .vid


Caution: The .pages file type (created using Apple Pages) is not supported by the doc viewer. Although instructors can download the file, this file type is only supported by macOS. Therefore any instructor using a Windows machine will be unable to view your submission. It is recommended to convert the file to a supported file type prior to submitting.

See our Assignment Submission walkthrough video below. 


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