Basic Assignment Elements



By default, both submission and discussion assignment types open on the Assignment Details tab.


The Assignment Details tab for both submission and discussion assignment types includes the following:

  • Assignment heading—Includes assignment title, assignment type, current submission status, due date and availability (open and close) dates, associated course with a link for navigating to the course Detail page, and the name of your instructor with a link for navigating to their feed.

  • Description—Introduction and/or explanation of what the assignment involves.

  • Resources—Content, such as files and links, to help you complete the assignment.

Note: Some assignments do not include resources.

  • Evaluation Criteria—Competencies and performance indicators (sub-competencies) the assignment is targeting for point based assignments, plus the rubric that is used to evaluate work for the assignment.
  • Assignment Progress—Points possible and points earned for point based assignments.
  • Submission History—A list of your submissions for this assignment, with a link to your My Submissions tab and to each individual assignment. If you have not submitted any work for the assignment, the Submit Assignment button is displayed.


Both submission and discussion assignment types include the following tab:

  • Feed tab—Direct messaging between you and your instructor, which includes comments from your submission and from your instructor’s evaluation. URLs or files provided by your instructor during evaluation are also included here.


Submission assignment types include the following tabs:

  • My Submissions tab—A drop-down menu on this tab allows you to choose your most recent (default) or a previous submission. Each submission page is organized in three columns:

    • Submission—Displays both URL links and files for your selected submission. Selecting a file displays that file.
    • Evaluation—Displays the current performance interface with your instructor’s evaluation of your assignment for the selected submission.
    • Comments—Displays any comment you included with your selected submission and any comment your instructor included with your evaluation for the selected submission.


Columns are expandable/collapsible:

  • Click the arrow to the left of a column heading to collapse.


  • Click the arrow above a collapsed column heading to expand.


  • Submit Assignment tab—Click to display the Upload Assignment page where you can submit your assignment to your instructor. For more information, refer to the Submitting Assignments page.

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