Past Motivis Learning Community Release Notes

Motivis Learning Community v2.9 Release Notes - 10/25/16

Users can now discover interesting content from each page in the Motivis Learning Community application. We have added a Suggested tab to Events, News, Resources, and Groups lists.
Users can click on the tab to view items that they might be interested in based on their personally selected interests (set up in Account Settings) and tags assigned to each item.

Broadcast Groups 
Users can now create broadcast groups to share information with groups of users. Broadcast groups are used to disseminate information, but control what is shared directly to all followers of a group.
Managers of a broadcast group can create posts and add additional members and managers. Members of a broadcast group may view, interact with (bookmark, like, share), comment, and reply to posts, but may not create new posts in the group.
This feature supports Salesforce's Broadcast Groups feature, defined on this help page:

Users with the Unity Super User permission set may create broadcast groups.

Web App Notifications Updates
In order to improve the behavior of notifications received in the web app, we created a custom object to store notification data. The Community_Push_Notification_c table is updated when any of the following occur:

  • @mentions
  • Posts in a group's manager feed
  • Group join requests
  • Acceptance or rejection of group join requests
  • Alerts where Push_Notification_c = TRUE
  • These updates will update the Notifications icon in the web app to show recent activity in the Community that relates to the logged-in user.
  • The web app will update approximately every five minutes, polling for new notifications to the logged-in user. The Notifications bell icon in the menu will update with the latest count of unread notifications.
  • The number of new notifications displays in the upper right of the Notifications icon in the menu bar.
  • The number of new direct messages displays in the upper right of the Messages (envelope) icon in the menu bar.

The Notifications page was also updated to display all notifications received by the user. The user may click the circle icon to mark a notification as read or unread, or click on the notification itself to navigate to the relevant page in the application, such as:

  • @mention redirects the user to view the specific post
  • Posts in a group manager feed redirect the user to that manager feed
  • Group join requests redirect the user to the Group Members page

Important NoteThe notifications for all users will "reset" with this upgrade. Notifications received prior to the upgrade will no longer appear in the user's notifications page.

  • We improved the page response time when voting on a poll that was far down the feed.
  • We improved some behavior to close an opened drop-down menu when the user clicks outside of the menu.
  • We improved some default configurations to reduce some steps in a new installation.
  • We improved the logic so that when a licensed user creates a case, the Contact field on the Case is populated correctly.
  • We improved the behavior on a page when you follow another user so that the page is refreshed automatically.
  • We improved the behavior when the community terms and conditions are renewed so that the user only needs to accept the new terms to re-enter the community.

Setup Notes
Add the new notification types to the Community Push Notification object. These instructions are for upgrades only and not needed for new installations directly to the latest version.

  1. Go to Setup→Objects→Community Push Notifications.
  2. Click on the Type field.
  3. Modify the picklist values to include the following:
  • Group Mention 
  • Message 
  • Group Request 
  • Group Approved 
  • Group Declined 
  • User Mention 

Add the new group type value to the Community Group Control object.  These instructions are for upgrades only and not needed for new installations directly to v 2.9.

  1. Go to Setup→Objects→Community Group Control.
  2. Click on the Type field.
  3. Modify the picklist values to include the following:
  • Broadcast 


Motivis Learning Community v2.2 Release Notes - 9/27/16
News Menu Link in Top Nav
News tab has been added to the top navigation so users can access News stories from anywhere in the Motivis Learning Community application. Visibility to the News tab is controlled by a custom setting.
Setup Instructions:

  1. From the UnityAdmin page, scroll down to the Community Settings section.
  2. Set Community_Settings.Disable_News_In_Menu = TRUE if you do not want the News link to appear.
  3. Set Community_Settings.Disable_News_In_Menu = FALSE if you want the News link to appear (this is the default setting). 

Improve # Likes and Like/Unlike Behavior on Posts and Comments
When a user likes a comment on a post, the Like hyperlink text is relabeled to "Unlike".
Users can click on the number of likes on a post or comment and see a list of people who liked that post. 

Clicking Group, Event, or News Image Will Open Up Detail Page
When the user clicks on an image for a Group, Event, or News story, they will be taken to the Detail page for that item.
Automatically Refresh Envelope Icon to See New Messages
Improved direct message icon to update with new messages without having the user refresh the page.
Remove Custom Settings from UnityAdmin Page that are No Longer Used
The following custom settings are no longer used and have been removed from the Unity Admin page:

  • Color Scheme picklist
  • Background ImageID
  • Footer Logo ImageID
  • Home Page Image ID

Hide Send Message Functionality if Private Messages are Disabled on Community 
When private messages are disabled for the Community, direct message functionality is not available in Motivis Learning Community. 'Send Message' button and 'Message' are not displayed. 
Set up Instructions:
       To enable or disable direct messages, use the Salesforce Community settings. 

  1. Select Setup-->Customize-->Communities→All Communities.
  2. Click Manage for your Community.
  3.  Select Administration→Preferences.
  4.  Disable the Enable private messages option.
  5. Click the Save button.

Increase Test Coverage to 90% 


Motivis Learning Community v1.83 Release Notes - 8/30/16


Pre-release Package Updates for Motivis Learning Community 2.0

When users log in to the Motivis Learning Community, they will see only new (Motivis Learning Community 2.0) pages, which contain new designs and styles. They will not be able to access the old (pre-Motivis Learning Community 2.0) pages, which contain the old designs and styles.

Share Group/Events/Resources/News
Display Share Comment above Shared Record Preview

We have made improvements in the way shared group, event, and news posts appear in the feed. When a user shares a news item, event, or resource, any comment/text that they include is displayed above the shared item in the feed. 



Detect if Career Services is Installed

The Motivis Learning Community application can detect if Career Services has been installed in the org. If installed, the "Career Center" menu is displayed in the Motivis Learning Community bar.


Customize Background Image on Login Page

Institutions can replace the background image on the Login page with their own image.


Revise Footer

The Motivis branding has been removed from the footer in the Motivis Learning Community.



Update Download Icon on Posts
The Download icon on posts has been updated to display the correct icon and to fix icon and text alignment.


Motivis Learning Community v1.71 Release Notes - 8/23/16



Terms & Conditions Dialog

When a user clicks on the Terms of Use link in the footer, the Terms & Conditions dialog box displays.



This is the same information that is displayed for a user during the registration process. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the dialog box.


New File Detail Page

The File Detail page has been updated to include new styles. When a user clicks a file name in the Group Files page, the selected file is displayed in the newly designed File Detail page.

A user can download, upload, follow, and delete the file, as well as edit the file details (Name and Description) from this window using the available icons.



News Items in Feed

We have changed the way news items appear in the Community. All news items are posted in all users' feeds on their Home pages. In addition, news items that are "sticky" are displayed in the Current News section on a user's Home page.
Note: In order for a news item to appear in the Current News section on a user's Home page, Make News Sticky checkbox must be set to True.



Registration Wizard UI Redesign

The Motivis Learning Community registration process has been redesigned. When new Motivis Learning Community users first log in, they are presented with the Welcome to Unity dialog box. 

Note: The registration process is only displayed for a user if Community_Settings.Disable_Registration is set to FALSE.


From here, users can enter information about themselves, select their interests, upload a profile photo, and read and agree to the terms and conditions for the Community. The icons along the left side of the dialog box provide links to each of the following pages:

  • Welcome
  • About Me
  • My Interests
  • Profile Photo
  • Accept Terms

Users can go through the registration process step-by-step (by clicking the Let's Begin and then Continue buttons), go through the pages in the order they want (by clicking the icons on the left), or ignore the registration process and go directly to the Motivis Learning Community Home page (by clicking the Skip These Steps button).

Welcome Page

The Welcome page displays when a user first logs in to Motivis Learning Community. 

The text on the page is customizable by institution. A user can click the Let's Begin button to display the About Me page or click the Skip These Steps button to display the Motivis Learning Community Home page. After a user has viewed the Welcome page and goes to another registration page, a green check mark icon replaces the Welcome icon on the left side of the screen.


About Me Page

The About Me page displays information about the user who is logged in (i.e., Name, Home Phone, Email, etc.). The user can add or edit information on this page.

A user can click the Continue button to display the My Interests page. After the user has viewed the About Me page and goes to another registration page, a green check mark icon replaces the About Me icon on the left side of the screen.


My Interests Page

The My Interests page displays interest themes. A user can click the down arrow to the right of an interest theme to display a list of associated tags and then make selections from the list.

Note: The My Interests page only displays if Community_Settings.Disable_Interest = FALSE.


A user can click the Continue button to display the Profile Photo page. After the user has viewed the My Interests page and goes to another registration page, a green check mark icon replaces the My Interests icon on the left side of the screen.


Profile Photo Page

The Profile Photo page displays the default profile image until the user uploads their own profile image.

Note: The Profile Photo page only displays if Community_Settings.Disable_Picture_Upload = FALSE.

A user can click the Upload Photo link to choose a file to upload and display as their profile picture. A user can click the Continue button to display the Terms & Conditions page. After the user has viewed the Profile Photo page and goes to another registration page, a green check mark icon replaces the Profile Photo icon on the left side of the screen.


Terms & Conditions Page

The Terms & Conditions page displays the actual terms and conditions for the Community.

Note: The Terms & Conditions page only displays if Community_Settings.Disable_T&C = FALSE.


A user can scroll through the terms and conditions from this page. After reading the terms and conditions, a user can click the I Accept button at the bottom of the page to finish the registration process and access the Motivis Learning Community Home page.



Create Resource Page

When creating a resource, the Description and Library fields now display an asterisk * to the right of them to indicate that they are required fields.

Default Images

We have created default images so that if you create a group, news item, or event without an image, a default image is assigned.


Motivis Learning Community v1.65 Release Notes - 8/3/16



Automatically Remove "Sticky" Attribute Based on # of Days

The Sticky News Number of Days field in the Community Settings section of the Unity Admin screen determines the number of days that News stories remain on the Motivis Learning Community Home page. If no value is entered in the field, the default is seven days. We have implemented a scheduled Apex job that is installed with the package that will automatically run and remove any News stories from the Home page that are older than seven days.

Create New 404 Error Page

A new 404 Error page has been created with the new UI template.

New Share Dialog Box (for News, Events, Resources)

The Share dialog box has been updated so users can easily share news, events, and resources to their profile feed and/or to groups they are a member of so that other people can see them.  


Users can access the Share dialog box from the following places:

  • For News stories: By clicking the Share This Article link on a News Detail page.

  • For Events: By clicking the Share This Event link on an Event Detail page.

  • For Resources: By clicking the Share This Resource link on a Resource Detail page.


From the Share dialog box, users can:

  • Type something about the post in the Say Something About This Post box.
  • Share this post on their profile feed by selecting the My Feed checkbox.
  • Share this post on one or more groups they belong to by selecting the Group Feed(s) checkbox and then selecting one or more groups. When you click within the Select Group(s) field, the groups you are a member of are displayed. You can click a group to select it. You can also type directly in the Select Group(s) field. Groups that match what you type are displayed.
  • Post to their profile feed and/or to selected groups by clicking the Post button.

Hashtag Support in Feed

Hashtags are supported in Chatter posts. When users click on a hashtag within a Chatter post, they are redirected to a page that displays all posts containing that hashtag so that they can view other Chatter posts that discuss the same topic.


Groups - Activity Metrics on About Page

Group Owners and Group Managers are able to view the following information about members and posts for the groups they own or manage:

  • Total number of members
  • New members this week
  • New members last month
  • Total number of posts to the group
  • New posts this week
  • New posts last month




Motivis Learning Community Global Components

In order to build the Motivis Learning Community + Extension package, we made some core Unity components global so that they can be referenced and resurfaced in the extension package.

Create News / Alert Modal Updates 

The Or Choose From Library section was removed from the Create News/Alerts modal.

Security Review Scanner

This release of the Motivis Learning Community managed package was run into the Salesforce security review self-scanner tool.

Style Sheet Updates

We have updated the Motivis Learning Community style sheets on the external amazon server so that the styles are available for new orgs that are upgraded.

Resource Detail Page Updates

We have updated the Resource Detail page. If the Resource is a link or a file, it will display in the Resource field. There is no longer a separate field for links.

Default White Background for Avatars in Posts and Navigation

We have added a default white background to the avatars in the main navigation and feed posts when a user uploads a transparent png for their image. We have also updated the sticky nav for ProfileGroups, and Events pages so that the avatar background shows as a circle and not a square.


Motivis Learning Community v1.25 Release Notes - 6/21/16


  • Allows any Community user (with any profile) to edit Chatter posts and comments that they created. Users can click the Edit icon for any post they are the owner of and make changes to that post. An updated post will display a timestamp above the text of the post stating how long ago it was last edited. Note that the Edit icon is not available for posts that contain links or file attachments.
    • To use this feature, update the Chatter settings:
      • Select SetupCustomizeChatterChatter Settings. The Chatter Settings screen is displayed.
      • Click the Edit button.
      •  In the Post and Comment Modification section, select (enable) the Allow users to edit posts and comments checkbox. 
      • Click the Save button.
    • Then add permissions to the Unity Standard user profile:
      • Select SetupManage UsersProfiles. The User Profiles screen is displayed.
      • Select the Unity Standard profile name.
      •  In the System section, click the System Permissions link.
      • Click the Edit button.
      • Select (enable) the Edit My Own Posts checkbox.
      • Click the Save button.
  • Allows a Community Super User or Administrator to create a Resource record that does not contain a link or a file attachment as long as there is content in the Description field.
  • Allows a Salesforce user with access to the Community to toggle between the Community and their Salesforce org using theBack to CRM button located in the banner on the Home page.
  • Allows a Community Super User to enable Chatter on the resources that he created so that Community users can discuss the Resource record. Also allows a Community user to share a Resource with selected groups and/or on his feed. 
    • To use this feature, first make sure the Disable Share feature is not enabled:
      • From within Salesforce, navigate to the Home page.
      • At the end of the URL, delete anything after "" and append "apex/motivisu__unityadmin" to the end of the URL. The Unity Admin screen is displayed.
      • In the Community Settings section, make sure the Disable Share checkbox is not selected (disabled). 
      • If it is selected (enabled), click the Edit button, click the Disable Share checkbox so it is no longer selected, and then click the Save button.
    • Next, you need to enable Feed Tracking:
      • Select SetupCustomizeChatterFeed Tracking. The Feed Tracking screen is displayed.
      • Click the Community Resource object.
      • Select the Enable Feed Tracking checkbox.
      • Click the Save button.
  •  "Unity Standard User" Permission Set: includes all of the same permissions as the Unity Standard User profile, including object CRUD, FLS, APEX Classes, VF Pages, and System Settings.
    • To use this feature:
      • You need to clone this permission set and add object CRUD and FLS to the Community Profile Tag object. ·       Allows a Community Super User or Administrator to tag a resource with more than one "Library" tag. If more than one "Library" tag is selected, the resource will appear in each library that was tagged.
  • Allows the Community Group owner to control the auto-archive settings for Community groups from both the Create Group page and the Edit Group page. The Community Group owner can set the archive settings to either automatically archive the group if there have been no posts for 90 days or set it to not auto-archive.
    • To use this feature, on the Standard User Profile, make sure Edit FLS is set to Automatic Archiving:
      • Select SetupManager UsersProfiles. The User Profiles screen is displayed.
      • Select the profile name of the Unity Standard User Profile.
      • In the Apps section, click the Object Settings link. 
      • Click the "Community Group Controls" object name.
      • Click the Edit button.
      • In the Field Permissions section, select both the Read and Edit checkboxes for the "Automatic Archiving" field name.
      • Click the Save button.
    • Next, add the Automatic Archiving field to the FieldSets in order to edit and create the Community Group:
      • Select SetupCreateObjects. The Custom Objects screen is displayed.
      • Click the "Community Group Control" label.
      •  In the Field Sets section, click the Edit link for the CreateGroup field label. 
      • Drag the Automatic Archiving field from the box at the top of the screen to the In the Field Set box.
      • Click the Save button.
      • Click the Edit link for the EditGroup field label.
      • Drag the Automatic Archiving field from the box at the top of the screen to the In the Field Set box.
      • Click the Save button.
  • Allows Community users to prevent Chatter posts that they are no longer interested in from showing up on their My Feed page by clicking the Mute icon below a post. Once muted, the post no longer appears on the user's feed and the user no longer receives updates for that post.
    • To use this feature:
      • Muting Posts must be enabled by Salesforce if it is not already enabled in your organization.
  • Allows for more relevant information to be displayed in each Community user's Chatter feed. If a Community user follows a person in Chatter, posts from that person and from the people who follow that person who the Community user also follows show up in the Community user's feed. The Community user no longer sees posts from people he does not follow.
    • To use this feature:
      • The new Follow feature must be enabled by Salesforce if it is not already enabled in your organization.


  •  Requires a Community Super User or Administrator to upload a resource that is a link if the Quick Link checkbox is selected.


Motivis Learning Community v1.19 Release Notes - 1/25/16


  • Allows the Administrator to view all groups (public, private discoverable, private undiscoverable). Administrators or users with the “Modify All Data” permission will be able to do the following:
    • Access any group feed and view all posts, members, files, and events on the Group Details page.
    • Post to any group feed.
    • Access the “Group Manager” menu for all groups and edits the Group Manager page (add/remove members, add/remove managers, edit the group, and post within the group manager feed).
    • @mention any group via the feed.
    • Share an item to any group feed via the Share This Item button on Event Detail and News Detail pages.
    • Create an event within a group.
  • Allows community members to view the results of a poll in a bar graph.
  • Allows community users to delete their own chatter posts.
  • Improves “More” page redirect in the chatter digest and notification email by directing the user to a “This Update” only Motivis Learning Community page rather than being directed to the poster’s profile page.
  • Allows a user, when hovering over an icon in a chatter post, to see a tool tip that displays the text of what that button is used for (Life, Bookmark, Reply).


Motivis Learning Community v1.17 Release Notes - 12/30/15


  • Allows administrators to create custom VF pages that use the Motivis Learning Community packaged site template for pages that can be accessed by external (non logged-in, site guest) users. The custom VF pages, (e.g. login page) will have same look and feel as pages within the Community. Previous behavior only allowed logged in users to access pages that used the Unity Site Template. 
    • To use this feature, update the Site used by the Community to use the new Site Template.
      1. Go to Sites in the Setup menu
      2. Click the name of the site used by the Community
      3. Click Edit.  In the Site Template field search for "UnitySiteTemplate."  Select and save.
  • If you create a custom VF page using the site template, make sure it is visible to the site guest user under Public Access Settings on the site as well.


  • Allow community users to upload a file via a chatter action without including a text comment to complete the upload.
  • Improve error handling when enforcing limits on chatter posts (e.g. max @mentions, max size). 


Motivis Learning Community v1.15 Release Notes


  • Administrators can configure their school's Twitter feed to display on the Home Page [UN-107]. To use this feature:
    • Twitter instructions:
    • Unity Setup instructions:
      • Go to the custom settings admin page (/apex/motivisu__unityadmin)
      • Click "Edit" underneath "Community Template Settings"
      • Populate the following settings:
        • Twitter Handle (for the example above, the handle is motivislearning)
      • Twitter Data Widget ID (for the example above, the value is 123456789123456789
      • Save this setting
  • Update the logic allowing system administrators and group managers to change owner of a group to match standard Salesforce behavior
  • Allow system administrators (users with "Modify All Data" permission) to create an event on groups where they are not a member
  • Improved the hyperlink/redirect behavior when a user clicks a post from the My Discussions section of the home page
  • Improved error message handling when a user uploads a group photo that exceeds size restrictions
  • Updated the URL redirect for notifications about direct messages to direct the user to the correct page on the Unity UI
  • Improved the behavior when a user uses a ']' to complete a tag value
  • Improved the behavior when viewing a user's name or profile who has been removed from the community
  • Updated the query on the Messages page to remove a VisualForce error if the user has received a message from a Chatter Free or Chatter External user
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the "Max Group Tags" setting was not being enforced upon new group creation [UN-58]
  • Fixed an issue with the calendar date selector where the calendar did not always close after selecting a date [UN-64]
  • Fixed an issue where a file with large dimensions could not be uploaded as a group photo
  • Fixed an issue where declining a group membership/join request led to an error message
  • Add the permission "Create Topics" to the Unity Standard User packaged profile



Motivis Learning Community v1.11 Release Notes


  • When a photo is uploaded as a file to the feed, it is now embedded directly within the feed rather than displaying a thumbnail only. This provides a larger view of the uploaded photo or image.


  • Updated the HTML on the Resources page to extend into three columns.
  • Updated redirect when a user clicks on a file name within the feed to direct to the file detail page.
  • Updated padding on header and left navigation to reduce white space on profile page.
  • Updated logic to remove the Community Group Manager record when a group Owner or Manager is removed from a chatter group.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the “download to my calendar” button on the Events page where a blank browser window would open.



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