My Activities

By clicking on your name within the Help Center's navigation bar at the top of the screen and clicking the My Activities link, you can view all of your activities in the Help Center.

Note: Only Administrators of institutions with an active support contract with Motivis Learning have access to view My Activities.



There are three tabs displayed on the My Activities page including the Requests, Contributions, and Following tabs. By default when accessing My Activities, the Requests tab is displayed.


Requests Tab

The requests tab displays all support tickets you have opened with Motivis Learning. From this tab, you may also view any tickets that you have been CC'd on or opened by your organization. Upon clicking on a support ticket, you will be able to view its details including your conversation with the support team.



Contributions Tab

The contributions tab displays all contributions you have made within the Help Center's community. Contributions include both community posts and comments. Clicking any of your posts or comments will navigate you to the associated community post.


Following Tab

The following tab displays all articles, sections, topics, posts, and users you are following. By clicking on a section, topic, post, etc. you will be navigated to the associated page.


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