My Help Center Profile

Note: Only Administrators of institutions with an active support contract with Motivis Learning have access to view My Profile.

To access your Motivis Learning Help Center profile, simply click on your name in the navigation bar and click the My Profile link from the drop-down menu.



The My Profile page displays:

  • Your name
  • Your description
  • Your total number of activities
  • Time since your last activity
  • The date you joined the help center
  • The number of users you follow and are followed by
  • The number sections/articles you are following
  • All community posts and comments you have submitted


There are 3 tabs on this page including:

  • Activity Overview - Displays an overview of all your community posts and comments
  • Posts - Displays all community posts you have submitted
  • Comments - Displays all community comments you have submitted


You also have the ability to edit your profile. You can do this by clicking the Edit Profile button. By editing your profile you can change your name, photo, email, phone, and description.


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