Logging into the Motivis Platform

Once your school’s administrator sets up your user account, you will receive an email with your username and a link. Follow the link to set up your password.

Note: Your username will likely be your school email address, but there may be exceptions. Please contact your administrator with any questions regarding your username or your school’s URL.

After you log in to the Motivis platform for the first time, all future logins must start at your school’s unique URL.

Example URL: https://<your school>.force.com/path

Enter your username and password and then click the Sign In button.


Upon logging in, you will land on your Home page. See Student Home Page or Instructor Home Page for more.

Check out our walkthrough video here!

Tips For Full Salesforce Users

If you are a full Salesforce user (user type reserved for some faculty), you can access Salesforce at any time by clicking your name in the left hand menu and selecting the Back to CRM link.


You can return to the community at any time by clicking the drop-down within the global header (top left corner of screen) and selecting the community name.


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