Assessing a Discussion Assignment



The Discussion Assignment screen is divided into three sections: the Group Discussion, Feed and Assignment Details tabs.

Group Discussion Tab

From the Group Discussion tab you can:

  • View group discussion
  • Post to group discussion
  • Moderate group discussion

The left side of the screen lists the names of the students in the group and the number to the right of each student’s name indicates the number of posts from each student.

Click a student name to view all of their posts (by selecting the “Show Posts” option) or evaluate their assignment (by selecting the “Evaluate” option). The right side displays the running discussion ordered chronologically.


Feed Tab

The Feed tab acts as a private discussion between you and the student. This discussion is separate from the group discussion.


Assignment Details Tab

From the Assignment Details tab you can:

  • View key information, including submission status and open/close/due dates.
  • View the description of the assignment. These are the directions the student received about the assignment.
  • Review resources provided to the student.
  • Review evaluation criteria and performance indicators for a competency based assignment or the points possible/earned for a point based assignment. 

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