Assessing Submission Assignments

The Submission Assignment screen is divided into three sections: the Student Submissions, Feed and Assignment Details tabs. Also be sure to check out our walkthrough videos:



 Course Evaluation


Student Submissions Tab

The student Submissions tab is the default landing page for an instructor navigating to an assignment for a student. This tab is labeled with the student's name. A drop-down menu on the tab lets you choose the most recent or a previous submission. Each submission page is organized in three expandable and collapsible columns:

  • Submissions column displays a list of all deliverables submitted by the student, both URL links and submitted files, and includes the date and time of the submission. Selecting a file name displays that file.
  • Evaluation column displays the performance measure interface for you to evaluate the submission, as well as the latest evaluation scores for this student and the date of the evaluation.
  • Comments column displays any comment the student included with the submission, as well as an area for you to include a comment or additional content (URL links or files) with the evaluation.

Note: The criteria evaluation will roll up and show completion of the assignment when a pivotal level is reached for each criterion. The evaluation does not, however, roll up to a final level for each performance indicator.

To score a criterion, simply click the down arrow to the left of a criterion to display the available levels and then click the radio button to the left of the score you want to assign.

Note: A pivotal score means the student has successfully completed a criterion. When you assign a score that is pivotal, that score cannot be changed, even if the student performs more work on it and resubmits the assignment. Pivotal scores are permanent once submitted.

If you start evaluating the assignment but need to stop before you finish, click the Save Evaluation button to save the scores you have assigned. When you come back to continue the evaluation, the scores you already assigned are still there and you can continue where you left off. Once you have finished evaluating the assignment, you can send the scores to the student by clicking the Submit Evaluation button.

You can choose to add a comment, files, or links when submitting your evaluation (e.g., annotated student submission) via the Comments column.

When you click the Submit Evaluation button, the student will receive a notification in the Feedback section of their My Assignments page.

Feed Tab

To post a comment to a student, type a message in the Write Something… field and click the Post button.

Your message is displayed in your Feed tab and the student will receive notification in both the Feed tab of their Assignments page and the Feedback section of their My Assignments page.

Assignment Details Tab

From an assignment Details tab you can:

  • View key information, including submission status, open/close/due dates, and the associated course.
  • View the description of the assignment. These are the directions the student received about the assignment.
  • Review resources provided to the student.
  • Review evaluation criteria and performance indicators for the assignment. Please keep this information in mind when deciding how you will score a student on each competency.

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