Adding a Student to Multiple Programs


A student may wish to attain the completion of a second program. To add a student to multiple programs:

(Skip to step 4, if the second program version has already been created)

1. From the Program Master record page, within the Programs Version's related list, click the New Program button (see How to Create a Program Master if one has not been created).

2. Select the "Version" record type and click the Continue button.

3. Populate the fields as necessary, and check the Active Flag field to mark the Program Version as active.

4. On the Student contact record, within the Student Programs related list, click the New Student Program button.

5. Select the Program Version you created in step 1-3, and click the Save button. (This creates a Student Program record which connects the Student contact record to the Program Version).

6. Either from the Student Contact record or Student Program record pages created in step 5, click the New Credential button within the Credentials related list (this record is created to ensure that Program Levels display on Transcripts). 

Note: Ensure to set the credential Status field to "Pending". Only set the Status to "Sought" when the student begins work towards the program related to that credential.

7. On the Student contact record, click the New Student Term Registration button within the Student Term Registration related list to create Student Term Registration records (this record ties the Student, Academic Calendar and Program together).

Note: The "Current Program" field on the Student contact record displays the current program the student is currently pursuing. This field should be populated with program that the student is actively working towards at the current moment.

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