Transcripts Overview

System Administrators can generate a PDF Transcript from a student's record in Salesforce. They can access a PDF Transcript from a Student's Contact record in Salesforce by clicking the Generate Transcript button. The PDF can be configured with the school's logo, watermark, and a registrar signature image.

The PDF Transcript displays Academic Plans broken out by Terms for an individual student. The transcript brings together information about the the student's Academic Plans from many places: Contact, Academic Offering, Course, and Program. Users are able to save a copy of the PDF Transcript locally through their OS/printer settings and they are able to print the PDF Transcript.

Before selecting a Transcript to generate, the user is presented with the option to choose the Credential Type for the Transcript, if the student has more than one. This allows a user to select "UG" or "PG", for example. The Transcript will only show Academic Plans where the Course Level matches the chosen Credential Type.

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