News Troubleshooting Tab/Record

News Tab Missing 

If the News tab is missing from the navigation menu, it is likely due to the version of Motivis Learning Community. To solve this, the org must be upgraded to Motivis Community Learning v2.9+. It is advised to review v2.2 and v2.9 Motivis Learning release notes for further set up.


News Record not Showing

Check the Community News record on the SalesForce CRM. Go to the Community News tab, locate the record you created and click on the record name.

Make sure the following fields are populated:

  • Status = Active
  • Entry Date is prior to Today's Date/Current Time based on the Org timezone
  • Check the timezone of your Org at Setup >Company Information>Default Timezone

Please note, there is a custom setting called Sticky News Number of Days that determines the number of days a News item is "sticky" or appears on the right hand side of the Motivis Learning Community homepage. 

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