Why Would a School Want to Use Motivis Learning Community?

Communities are branded spaces for students, alumni, faculty and staff to share information and collaborate. Motivis Learning Community is basic configuration of the Customer Community product that “fixes” some of the deficiencies of the out-of-the-box product and customizes it specifically for the higher education industry. It is turnkey to use, speeds the time it takes to implement the Communities product and, importantly, cuts the cost of implementation an estimated $50,000 to $150,000.

Communities can serve as a portal or web front-end but differ from both. While portals and websites tend to have static, official content, Communities feature dynamic content, synced files and a collaboration layer that fosters engagement and provides immediate feedback to Community members. Schools can use Communities to:

  • Enhance the student/alumni experience by flattening silos and smoothing administrative barriers.
  • Encourage collaboration within schools/colleges, classes, clubs, chapters, etc. and with faculty, staff and volunteers.
  • Deliver world-class service by providing one place to get answers (like an online one-stop shop).
  • Manage social listening, content, engagement, and workflow all in one place.
  • Link to an Learning Management System (LMS), Registration System, Payment Gateway and other transactional systems.

In essence, Communities give students and alumni a 360-view of a school, with everything they need in one easily-accessible online space.

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