What is on the Home Page?

Motivis Learning Community's home page is configurable to reflect a school’s branding, news and photos.  

Once a user has completed the registration process, their Motivis Learning Community Home Page is displayed.

The Menu Bar displays the following :

  • Customizable logo and color
  • Home  - The Home link displays the user's Home page.
  • Groups  - The Groups link displays a page which shows:  All Groups, My Groups, Suggested Groups
  • Events - The Events link displays a page which shows:  All Events, My Events, Group Events
  • Discover - The Discover link displays a dropdown with two choices:
    • Community Members (to browse or search for community members)
    • Interests and Topics (to search for content of interest to the user)
  • Resources - The Resources link displays a list of Resources
  • Links - The "Links" option displays a list of external links that may be of interest to the user
  • Envelope icon - links the user to their direct messages
  • Bell icon - links the user to their notifications
  • Search icon - will display a Search box, which allows the user to search throughout the Community for specific information
  • Dropdown arrow next to your profile picture will display links to the following:
    • My Profile (Feed, Profile Information, Followers, community members who follow you, Bookmarked Posts)
    • Account Settings (General Settings, Notification settings, Digest settings, Interests)
    • Help (if enabled, will allow the user to submit a case to a system administrator)
    • Sign Out

Alert notifications from the institution will be displayed in a red box at the top of the page.  This text can only be added/changed/removed by Super Users or System Administrators


  • The Feed displays a scrollable list of your most recent Chatter posts.   

Upcoming Events

  • Displays upcoming Events you are following or Events for Groups the user is a member of

Current News

  • Displays featured news items. The same news stories are displayed for all Community members. News stories are only displayed for a certain amount of time and then are removed or replaced with other new stories.
  • Note: Only users withe the Unity Super User permission set or system administrators can create news stories to post to the Home page. 

Twitter Feed: (if enabled):

  • Pulls in the Twitter feed for your institution

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