Assignment Types

How you work with assignments depends on the assignment type:



Requires submission, which can be files and/or URL links. Typically, as student will submit several times before they complete an assignment. A private discussion feed tracks all comments posted between the student and the instructor.

DiscussionIcon.svg  Discussion

Requires that a student participate in a public group discussion that is available to their peers and the instructor. For this assignment type, instructors evaluate the posts, and comments to other posts, that the students contribute. A private discussion feed is also available for private communication between a student and the instructor. 

QuizIcon.svg  Quiz

Integrating the Learnosity quiz system within the Motivis platform allows instructors and curriculum designers to create a quiz, add questions to a quiz, and add the quiz assignment to a course. Publishing assignments within Motivis then provides a student account automatically in Learnosity (if one does not exist already), and creates the corresponding student quiz in Learnosity; thereby allowing the student to complete the quiz. The focus is on a quiz assignment as a formative assessment, meaning it passes back status only and does not tie to any performance measures.

Observation.jpg  Observation

Intended for when students are completing their work in the classroom or elsewhere, without actually submitting anything. Students can still open the assignment to view all of its supporting details and is instantly ready for the instructor's evaluation.

eLearning.jpg  eLearning Activity

Contain interactive SCORM-based activities (created via external authoring
platforms) and deliver them to students within the platform. When a student clicks to make an attempt on an eLearning activity the interactive activity will be displayed in the center of the


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