Building Out the Assignment Library

Assignments must be added to the Assignment Library so that you can later add them to specific courses. You can access the Assignment Library to view existing assignments or create new ones by selecting “Assignment Library” from the Curriculum drop-down in the left-hand navigation menu. Be sure to check out our instructional video for a walkthrough visual.



You can search for existing assignments using the filter at the top of the Assignment Library. Consider your naming convention to make searching easier.

To create a new assignment and add it to the Assignment Library, click the Add New button from within the Assignment Library and then select:

  • Submission Assignment—To create a student submission type of assignment.
  • Discussion Assignment—To create a group discussion type of assignment.
  • Quiz Assignment—To create a quiz type of assignment.

Any option will take you to the New Assignment screen. To learn how to create each type of assignment, please see the respective articles below:


Note: Assignments can only be edited by the instructor who owns the assignment (by default this is the creator of the assignment).

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