Schools can add content as "Resources"

  • Resources are similar to the Files functionality in Chatter and, like Chatter, all file types are supported. This includes everything from Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, to Adobe® PDFs, and image files.
  • We do not use Chatter Files for Resources, we use the Salesforce Attachments object. There are some limitations including file size. We would not recommend audio/video files.
  • Resources can be organized by a broad categorization, so content can be personalized to members and is discoverable as part of the Search function.
  • Resources are featured with a Tag, which rolls up to a Theme
  • Also like Events and News, members can "Share" Resources to Members and Groups.
  • Resources can be set to "Active", so schools can control whether or not they are accessible.
  • Only users with the Unity Super User permission set can create Resources

Resources must be added to the Resource Library so that you can add them to a specific Assignment later. 

From within the Resource Library, click the Add New button.


The Add Resources page will display, and from here you can add files in several ways:

  • Add a website by entering the URL
  • Drag and drop a file
  • Choose one or multiple files

After you have added Resources, you can hover over any of the following information and click to:

  • Edit the Resource title.
  • Add the Resource summary.
  • Click the file to open it in a new browser tab.

When editing a Resource, hover over the URL or the Resource Summary. An edit pencil will appear.


Once changed, click the green checkmark to save any changes, or select the “X” to discard changes to the title or the summary.

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